Nurture Your Soul
Welcome to Nurture Your Soul

Having had a near death experience in February of 2008 – my life was forever shifted and forever changed. During my near death experience, I was witness to many things and shared in many experiences that allowed me to return to my physical body with all of my senses awakened. I was told to return and share these experiences, and to help others be reminded to remember WHO they are from a soul level, and an Incarnate level.  Many do not even know what the soul really is, and even more profoundly, they do not understand why they would choose to Incarnate into a physical body to experience life on earth.  As a soul guide, I can assist and share perspective on many of these things from a clairvoyant perspective, as well as a Guide perspective.

As the soul is the essence of any one or any thing. The "spiritual soul" is that aspect of soul through which we experience the divine, the mystery of life, a greater whole. It is the bridge between our personality, in its physical manifestation, and the divine. The process of becoming more soul conscious is one of relating and identifying with the three essential qualities of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. These are expressed as Empowerment, Love and Light. These qualities transcend the dualities we live in where we usually identify with one or other pole: Empowerment transcends the duality of power-over/power-under (or victim/perpetrator); Love, as expressed in compassion, courage and unconditional love, transcends love/fear and love/hate; and Light, through inclusive thinking, transcends us/them thinking, such as racial or gender prejudice.

When we are connected with and moved by these aspects of soul, life has purpose. Living that purpose brings meaning to what we do and connects us to a larger whole. Being directed by our soul purpose is often revealed as a passion, is inherently joyful, and is of service to others. Soul always encourages us to manifest in new and creative ways; no sooner do we settle into a way of being then we are 'asked' to open to new ways and to new perceptions. Soul seeks relationships that are equal, collaborative and synergistic - soul partnerships. We are authentic, authors of our own lives, when moving with Soul.

Many people in our present Western culture are disconnected from this felt sense of being - so disconnected that many are also not aware of this inner energy and sense of direction that has been variously named as the "inner teacher," "inner guide," "true self," "inner light," and "spark of the divine," to name a few from some spiritual traditions. This is where a soul guide is very helpful.