Nurture Your Soul
Welcome to Nurture Your Soul

Having had a near death experience in February of 2008 – my life was forever shifted and forever changed. During my near death experience, I was witness to many things and shared in many experiences that allowed me to return to my physical body with all of my senses awakened. I was told to return and share these experiences, and to help others be reminded to remember WHO they REALLY are.  As a soul guide, I can assist and share perspective on many of these things from a clairvoyant perspective, as well as a Guide perspective.  

"Soul" is a word that relates to 'one' and yet this is never the case.  There is not ONENESS, yet there are never two, for separation is only ever present in the mind.  My life work revolves around looking at beliefs and conditioning as well as reviewing life situations via clairvoyance and guiding through that viewpoint.